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Welcome to Honor.

Welcome to Honor, a guild based on the Brotherhood and Conduct becoming of a Knight.

As a guild built with Brotherhood at its core, every guild member will be expected to help make the guild and its members stronger, as when we make one stronger, the whole guild becomes stronger.

The Guild runs on a social but determined basis, with raids being arranged through the calendar. Any member accepting a raid invitation will be expected to attend and not leave until either the alloted end time arrives, the raid leader calls time, or the raid completes.

The Guild will also expect every member to have a character with a PvP Off-spec. This will be used to enter Wintergrasp or any such PvP occasion the guild chooses as a full team to harass the Horde and strike fear within our enemies.

Applying to the guild for entrance will place a potential member as a Penitent, where you will remain for a minimum period of 2 weeks. Successful penitents will the become Initiates of the Guild where they will continue in guild progress for a further four weeks. During these first 6 weeks it is advisable to demonstrate that you have the ability to integrate into the guild and exhibit the attributes required of one of our knights.

Following this, successful applicants will gain the position of Knight d’Argent. They are now Knights of the Outer Core and are expected to uphold the guild in every respect.

Knight d’Or are Knights of the Inner Core of the guild and are all equals in every respect. Seldom are Knights admitted to the Inner Core, but those that are become honored in all. To become a Knight of the Inner core, a member must be accepted by all Knights of the Inner core as a brother without reservation. Once admitted to the Inner core, the knight becomes equal to all others, with all priveledges and rights,  and may vote on decisions concerning the guild.

All members are required to be 18+ years of age and have a character level of 70+. Any Guild member not showing the spirit of the guild will be liable to discipline by the Inner Core & liable to expulsion from the guild. The Inner core understands the realities of life and any real life emergencies causing members to be unable to fulfil thier obligation will be met with understanding and sympathy.

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